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store that buys jewelry

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We Are a Store that Buys Jewelry Near You!

Gold has hit an all time record high again! There’s a spot right around the corner – Prestige Pawn & Jewelry – a store that buys jewelry and turns your forgotten pieces into profit.

With so many claiming they’ll give you ‘the best deal’, figuring out who genuinely does can be tricky. But fear not, because we’re here to simplify those concerns and bring you clarity and transparency when choosing us. 

In today’s extra bustling market, selling your precious metals and stones has never been easier, provided you know where to look. And guess what? The journey starts right here, with us!

We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum & More – See Our Full List

Looking to sell jewelry in Spring Hill? Prestige Pawn and Jewelry is your trusted local jewelry store and jewelry buyer. We buy it all – gold, silver, tools, electronics, cars, lawn equipment and so much more.

From precious metals to electronics and tools, our pawn shop is your go-to destination for selling jewelry and other valuables. Check out our full list of what we buy:

Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Coins & Currency, Costume Jewelry, Collectibles, Wrist & Pocket Watches, Electronics, Cameras, Handbags, Gift Cards, Vehicles, Boats, RV’s, Tools, Lawn Equipment, Guitars and all musical instruments

With over 25 years of experience, Prestige Pawn and Jewelry has built a reputation as the premier pawn shop in the area. We’ve paid out millions on everything from bits of scrap gold to those hard-to-find collectibles. So if you’ve been wondering “Where can I sell my gold or silver?”, the answer is Prestige Pawn and Jewelry. Stop by our shop today to turn your unwanted items into hard cash.

Why Sell to Our Trusted Professionals

Trying to find a reputable jewelry buyer? Prestige Pawn and Jewelry is Spring Hill’s premier destination for selling your valuables. Check our Google reviews and see why countless satisfied customers choose us:

Experienced Buyers

Our appraisal team has over 25 years experience with GIA graduate gemologists and certificates in numismatics. With decades of combined experience, we have the knowledge to accurately assess your items and provide fair, competitive offers.

Fair Prices

We pride ourselves on offering some of the highest payouts in the industry. In fact, we often beat the prices offered by other local jewelers, pawn shops and coin shops. Sell with confidence knowing you’re getting top dollar for your valuables, the best prices on loans and lowest priced retail high quality items.

Convenient Location

Located right on a main road (rt19) in Spring Hill, our pawn shop is easy to find and offers ample parking. We’re open six days a week with extended hours for your convenience. Just stop by with your items and walk out with cash in hand.

When it comes to selling jewelry, coins, and other valuables, experience matters. Trust the experts at Prestige Pawn and Jewelry to provide a safe, simple and rewarding selling, buying or pawn experience. Visit us today and see why we’re the area’s most prestigious  buyer.

What Makes Us the Best Place to Sell Your Jewelry

Tired of that old engagement ring or unwanted jewelry just sitting around collecting dust? Want to sell gold or scrap gold for some extra cash? Prestige Pawn and Jewelry makes it easy. Here’s why we’re the best local jewelry store in Spring Hill to sell your valuables:

Competitive Offers

We don’t just claim to pay the most – we put our money where our mouth is. Bring your items to any other local jewelry buyer or pawn shop and we’ll beat their offer, period. We put in the elbow grease to ensure you walk away with top dollar for your treasures.

Immediate Payment

Why wait days or weeks to get paid? At Prestige Pawn and Jewelry, we believe in paying cash on the spot. No consignment necessary – we pay cash for your items and you walk out with money in hand. It’s that simple.

Understanding Gold Karats and Value

It’s easy to get confused between “carats” and “karats” when talking about gold jewelry. While they sound similar, they actually measure two different things. Carats refer to the weight of diamonds and gemstones, while karats indicate the purity of gold.

Pure gold, or 24 karat gold, is actually too soft for practical use in jewelry. That’s why it’s often mixed with other metals like copper or silver to increase its durability. The karat number tells you what percentage of the metal is pure gold:

  • 24K = 100% pure gold
  • 18K = 75% gold
  • 14K = 58% gold
  • 10K = 42% gold


So what does this mean if you want to sell fine jewelry? In general, higher karat jewelry will command a higher price from jewelry buyers. 18K and 14K pieces tend to be the most valuable, as they contain a substantial amount of gold while still being durable enough for regular wear.

At Prestige Pawn and Jewelry, we buy all karats of gold – even 10K or lower. We’ll weigh your gold items and calculate their value based on the current market price for gold. We can even evaluate gold-plated or “gold-filled” pieces that contain a thin layer of gold over a base metal.

Ready to sell fine gold jewelry, coins or scrap? Bring it in for a free appraisal and let our experts determine its karat and value. We’re proud to offer some of the highest prices for gold in Spring Hill – stop by today and see for yourself.

FAQs in Relation to Store That Buys Jewelry

Where is it best to sell jewelry?

Selling directly to a reputable local jewelry store or a specialized buyer gives you the fastest cash and fair deals.

How do you turn jewelry into cash?

Gather your pieces, get them appraised, then head to a trusted buyer. Simple steps lead to quick cash.

Who pays the most for diamonds?

Dedicated diamond buyers such as Prestige Pawn and Jewelry and high-end jewelers usually offer top dollar for quality stones based on market value.


All roads lead home – or in this case, to the best store that buys jewelry.

The moral of our story isn’t about saying goodbye to things; it’s about welcoming new beginnings (and maybe adding some extra zeros in our bank accounts). So next time when life gives you gold…you know exactly where to take it for the best possible price!

Don’t wait any longer – take the next step and visit Prestige Pawn & Jewelry today! 

Our experts are here to assist you with your pawn, buying, and selling needs. Experience the prestige and exceptional service that sets us apart. Contact us now or visit our store to begin your journey into the world of luxury and value.

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