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Prestige Pawn a store that buys jewelry near you!

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Table of Contents We Are a Store that Buys Jewelry Near You! Gold has hit an all time record high again! There’s a spot right around the corner – Prestige Pawn & Jewelry – a store that buys jewelry and turns your forgotten pieces into profit. With so many claiming they’ll give you ‘the best […]

Smart Tips Every Jewelry Buyer Should Know Before Selling

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Table of Contents   Smart Tips Every Jewelry Buyer Should Know Before Selling Do you have unwanted or unused jewelry that no longer fits your style you want to get rid of? In this article we’ll discuss the ways that you can get the most out of selling your jewelry. Follow along for smart tips […]

Custom Jewelry at Prestige Pawn and Jewelry

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Table of Contents   Have you ever walked through a crowd and caught a glimpse of jewelry so unique it made you pause? That’s the magic of Custom Jewelry. As the ground beneath us transforms, fashions flicker in and out of existence with breathtaking rapidity.  Gone are the days when ‘expensive’ was synonymous with ‘exclusive’. […]

Find Affordable Engagement Rings

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How Can You Find An Affordable Engagement Ring Let’s talk sparkle without breaking the bank—the perfect affordable engagement ring that looks like a million bucks but costs far less. Picture this: You’ve found “the one”, and now you’re on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring to seal the deal. From understanding what ‘affordable’ really […]

Gold Hallmarks: Jewelry Stamp Guide

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Let me tell you about when I was a child and the time I found myself staring at a tiny stamp on an old gold ring, clueless. That’s when my journey into Understanding Gold Hallmarks began. I soon discovered that these little marks are like historical breadcrumbs, leading back to origins and tales of craftsmanship […]

Your Guide to Buy or Sell Jewelry

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If you want to buy or sell jewelry, if you found some old broken pieces at the bottom of your jewelry box this is the information you need.  Picture walking into Prestige Pawn and Jewelry in Spring Hill, Florida—you’re stepping into a world that defies the typical retail experience with its unique finds and haggling […]