Striking It Rich: Rare Coins Sold for Over $1 Million

Rare Coins

What hidden treasures might be hiding in your grandparents’ attic or the local thrift store? Imagine stumbling upon a rare silver dollar, and not just any coin, but one of those rare coins sold for over $1 million. Now that’s quite a find! Picture this: an old draped bust silver dollar nestled among forgotten trinkets. […]

Selling Gold to a Pawn Shop

How to sell gold

Selling Gold to a Pawn Shop Do you have old jewelry or coins that are just sitting around collecting dust? In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know when selling gold to pawn shops — from understanding how much it’s worth, to finding the best place to get top dollar for your items. […]

Maximizing Your Pawn Shop Experience: A Guide

Maximizing Your Pawn Shop Experience

Have you ever walked past a pawn shop and wondered what treasures it might hold? The suspense, the thrill of the hunt, and each item with its own tale to tell. Maybe you’ve been on both sides of that counter – selling something dear for some quick cash or scoring an unbelievable deal on a […]